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  • Western Canada’s Enclosure & Cable Tray Leader

    Code Electric was established in 1979, as a family owned business, and with our expertise and full service precision manufacturing facility we’ve grown to become the Premier Manufacturer in Western Canada for Electrical Enclosures, Cable Tray and Precision Metal Products. After almost 40 years in business we owe our success to our strong partnerships with our valued electrical distributors, contractors, customers and our long term employees.

    As a CSA manufacturer quality excellence is standard at Code and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our proven reputation for exceeding expectations and going above and beyond to meet our customer’s requirements ensures we get the job done even if that means working overtime, adding resources or new processes.

    With our turn-key manufacturing our CAD design team assists with 3D modeling, and prototypes through to the production and powder coat finishing stage of any custom part. Our CNC precision equipment ensures your products are made accurately and efficiently every time. No job is too big or small or “outside the box” -- we enjoy a challenge.

    At Code, customers become family and we are proud of the relationships and partnerships earned over the years. There is an open invitation to visit with us anytime at our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Port Coquitlam and thank you for supporting B. C. Manufacturing.

    Allison Straghan | President

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